Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bloggy Break Giveaway ***Update***

***If you leave me a comment telling me that I am going to hell or you are Spam, I will not enter you in my giveaway*****  (Sorry, but I moderate comments.)

So, I am off enjoying my summer. I will be back to school soon. I finished a quilt with no baby attached to it.  I have even waited for the baby to appear.  There are no girl babies awaiting my quilts.  I can always make another.  Making little quilts is my hobby.  I call it serenity.

I have decided to give blogging a reboot on August 23rd, one month from today.  On that day I will draw one name from the comments on this post to receive this little aqua/pink quilt.  I have included my size nine flip flop in the bottom picture so that you can imagine the size. If there is some way to contact the winner, I will contact that person.  If there is no link, I will announce it here and the winner can get in touch with me.  If the prize is unclaimed by the end of September, I reserve the right to make other arrangements for it.

This giveaway is not sponsored by anyone.  There is no money involved.  I will send the quilt at my own expense to anywhere in the English speaking world. One entry per person.
The color of the dotted square is more pink and not orange as it appears in this picture. The colors are truer in the photo below.

The back is the patterned material like the edges.  It is hand pieced, sewn by machine and hand quilted.  The quilt should be machine washable.  I use cold water and delicate setting as I would for baby clothing.

So, pass this around to friends and neighbors.  Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this quilt.  Comments close August 22nd and the winner will be selected at random on August 23rd.  If you are having trouble with the comments you can email me at hopeechoes(symbol for at)
I will count the email as an entry.


Dawn Farias said...

It's an adorable quilt! Thank you for the chance to win. I hope you are enjoying your bloggy break.

Jen said...

Hi Mary. I hope you are enjoying your summer break! I'd love one of your quilts. It is my secret hope that in 10 years, when my nest is empty and my heart missing my kids, that I'll finally make it to a Magnificat breakfast and we'll finally meet in person and I'll talk you into teaching me to quilt. :) Until then, I get to see your quilts online and maybe win one too.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and blog break.
Peace, Jen

Mary said...

This comment doesn't count for the giveaway. Jen, let's not wait 10 years. I am headed back to school next week, but I wouldn't be working in a public school with over 800 middleschoolers if I didn't like and tolerate and even enjoy kids. Some of them even like me. I have taught preK through college teaching assistant at university (In American history). I would love to teach you and your kids quilting or reading or American history, but we will probably have to do it next summer because my life will be getting a whole lot busier next week. LOL. Thanks for the comment!

Julie Southern (Studio Sherwood) said...

It's darling! Sometimes a break is just what the doctor (i.e. Doctor God, LOL) ordered.

Mary said...

And Julie is the winner. My internet has been down all day and is going up and down. I will post more later!

Dawn Farias said...

Yay Julie!