Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Solution

By the second week of summer vacation most years I find myself insanely lonely and depressed.  Shopping just doesn't do it for me.  I sit and read and watch tv after morning Mass most days.  I quilt.  Once in while there is an appointment or someone I need to call on the phone.  This doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do.  I am not an organized person so there is a bounty of clutter to clean.  And just plain dirty floors or bathrooms to clean and then there is mowing.  And the computer.  I have lots to do in summer, just not much that I enjoy or want to do.  I get overwhelmed.

I have prayed about this.  I have prayed a lot about this.  This is a big problem in my life.  Recently I heard a whisper about something that helps me with this problem.  The whisper said to take a lesson from those bloggy mamas who take themselves off to a coffee shop to write.  Why, I used to wonder, when they often have a perfectly empty house so they go off to a coffee shop to write? 

God spoke to me about this. It has to do with focus and distraction.  Away from the house there are less "one more things" to be done before the "and then I will write."  Even though sitting in a coffee shop isn't having a conversation with someone, it isn't sitting alone in a house all day.

So, the end of last week, after spending Wednesday alone at home all day and about losing my mind, I went to a coffee shop/ lunch place on Thursday and wrote and then the Friday to the library.  I am working on the outline for this book my sister and I are writing.  Even if we never actually produce an actual book, I am enjoying the process of it.

I spend about an hour a day on my project.  When I hit the house, I am less likely to mindlessly watch HGTV. (As much as I enjoy a good House Hunters or Love It, Or List It.)  The mental stimulation of working on the writing does me good in a way that blogging or Facebooking doesn't.

My vacation plans are up in the air.  The Holy Land which was my longing for this year is not happening.  New York City which was a secondary plan faded by the wayside.  There is a maybe for Kansas City.  But, knowing that I don't have to sit alone in my house all day everyday makes these non-vacation plans okay.  Worst case scenario, I will pack a bag someday and take off for a few days.  It is easier to think about it when I am not depressed and lonely all summer. Praise God for helping me to figure out a summer solution.

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