Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stirring Up the Spirit

Your spirit should be rockin' and rollin' with the Holy Spirit by now.  All of these days of Easter and the Pentecost Novena should have you ready to receive a full measure of the gifts of the Spirit.

We all got all of those gifts at our Baptisms.  All the gifts were bestowed on us as children of God.  But, many of us were babies when that great event happened in our lives.  We couldn't even talk, let alone rejoice.

As we grow in Christ and receive the sacraments perhaps these gifts are stirred.  But, for some of us, the gifts are like chocolate syrup poured into a glass of milk.  Unless it is stirred, the chocolate sinks to the bottom and the milk is white milk with chocolate on the bottom, not chocolate milk.  Some of us think it is our job to stir the milk, to stir up the spirit within us.  Actually, it is God's job to do the stirring, the Holy Spirit stirs us up.  We have to be open to it, we have to permit it, because God gave us free will.

So, if you are a smart cookie, you will be open to it.

God, stir up the gifts that You have given us.  Allow the Holy Spirit to shake us up and call forth the gifts to bring forth the kingdom of God.  Amen

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