Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It Was 34 Years Ago Today

Thirty four years ago in 1980, I know what I was doing then on this day.  This was the day my miracle happened.  I had my first and only living child.  On the blog I call him the Moose.  In real life I called him The Moose for many years, so it isn't hard to remember.

I hate to tell you this but he was beautiful and perfect, the most beautiful baby ever.  You may think that your child is lovely, but he or she would in no way measure up to my baby.  (Or does every mother feel that way?)

He was a breast fed baby, jaundiced at the beginning.  But he eventually turned normal colored.  He was beautiful (did I mention that?).  I was desperately afraid that someone would try to steal him because he was so perfect.  He taught me how to be a mom and a whole lot of other things.

Staying one step ahead was never possible with that boy.  He was too smart and so often it was one on one.  But getting the upper hand from a defensive position was something I learned.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how to achieve the results I wanted from that kid.  By that, I don't mean, that I would raise him to grow up to be a doctor or a lawyer or learn multiplication tables.  I mean how to stop him from making circles through the kitchen, dining room and family room while screaming and becoming more exhausted with each turn and to take a nap. (Placed the portable dishwasher in front of the opening to the kitchen and once he couldn't make the circuit, he settled down and took a nap.) (He might have screamed for a few minutes for me to the move the dishwasher, but who remembers details like that?)

He was a challenging kid.  He was hyperkinetic, meaning he moved a lot.  I eventually figured out how to channel that energy for good and had him vacuuming, washing dishes, and running errands for me so that by the time he left for college I wasn't sure how I could handle the house without him.

He trained to be a ceramic engineer, but eventually became worker in computers.  I think he likes his job.  He bought our house when we moved a few years ago. (It has sustained tornado damage twice since he bought it from us.) Probably his chief fault is his love of cats.  He has a girlfriend I call Mattie on the blog because that isn't her real name.

Anyway, I am happy that God provided this miracle in my life, this Moose.
I think that it is only fitting that since his first steps were running that he is training for a marathon in October of this year.

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