Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. Last Saturday we went to the Pentecost Eve Mass at Holy Redeemer Church.  Archbishop Carlson was the celebrant.  It was a Spirit-filled evening.  I like this archbishop, despite what you may be reading in the media about him.  It seems like a tough job, this leading the flock thing.

2. Sunday was a day of rest and preparation since I headed up to Quincy on Monday morning.  Mom didn't want me to arrive until after 3pm, and I was a little early, so I swung by historic Hannibal, MO.  I drive through there every time I go to Q, but I haven't stopped in many, many years.  I looked at some little antique shops, and  watched a BNSF train go past and go past and go past.  I had wanted to walk past the levies and see the Mississippi, but it was a long train.
The train is traveling by the Mississippi River.  Those are flood gates.  I guess if it floods, no trains.

I took a picture looking up toward the Mark Twain Museum and house.

3. Tuesday Mom had a doctor's appointment at 8:30 for her carpal tunnel.  She got a shot in her wrist.  I didn't even buy her ice cream.  It was drizzling rain and cool up in Q, so I headed for home.
I stopped at the bluff by the Villa Katherine to take some pictures of the river.  There are always barges.  Some rain was headed in.

Looking down the river.

I noticed as I drove home Tuesday that it was a day to move large round objects.  I followed that thing from Hannibal to St. Louis.

4. Wednesday I went to 8am Mass.  I left the house early, but there was construction on someone's driveway blocking the main road down the hill to the church and I was almost late for Mass.  As I was making plans to forget Mass, the road was opened up. I finally got to see the new art glass windows put up in the church for the tenth anniversary of our parish.  They are rather patriotic--red and blue with yellow sun in the east.  I will get used to them. 

Later in the day. I pulled out cupboards and tried to clean a few things.  I go down to my storage room in the basement and I get overwhelmed.  I don't know where to start.

5. Thursday I went for spiritual direction and then took myself to Panera Bread for lunch and to work on the beginnings of the book that my sister and I are writing.  I came to realize that at home there are too many distractions and should do and I will just do this firsts.  That is why all those authors write at coffee shops.  I am planning to try that for a while.

6. Among the distractions I find at home are the things that need to be cleaned.
Most of these bags are home for the summer.  I need to go through them.  I really do.  Maybe I will make it a blog post and then I will somehow enjoy it and get it done.

And my quilting corner just looks this way.

Because it is easy to get busy on quilting instead of cleaning.  Like this aqua quilt I am working on now.

7. This week between all the various rain events the Lord sent a beautiful sunset.
 I am not sure if I have ever seen one before that was this purple and pink.  It was amazing.
Praise be to God!


Jen said...

Hi Mary!

I, too, like Archbishop Carlson. I find him to be very gentle and pastoral. The recent media coverage makes me sad. They claim the videos they are showing are "unedited" but they most certainly ARE edited, and edited to make the Archbishop look bad.

Have a good weekend!

Mary said...

Back at you, Jen, for the good weekend. I am praying and praying for Bishop Carlson because I know this has to be really hard on him.