Wednesday, June 4, 2014

5 Favorites, School Is Out

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This is my 5 favorites about summer vacation, which for me, begins today.  My last day of this long school year was yesterday.

1. I love the summer because I don't have to rush in the morning.  I can go to daily Mass if I get myself organized in time.  I don't have to pack a lunch or carry several water bottles.  In summer I can have a slower pace.

2. In summer I can think.  Most of the rest of the year I "do."  In summer I can reflect.  I can consider.  I can ponder.  In summer my brain slows down from all the doing and remembering.

3. More exercise.  I can do more planned exercising.  And there is mowing to be done. Summer this year is a time for me to try to get in better shape.

4. Green!  In summer the flowers bloom.  The trees grow.  Summer is a generous time of year.

5. Odd and ends.  Details of my life go hanging most of the year. I can read books I like and not ones for my job.  I can quilt or not.  I can go to the library or not.  In summer there are choices.

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