Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Favorites, Recycled Containers

Moxie Wife, Hallie Lord, hosts this meme.  Go around and visit the rest.  They are full of interesting ideas.

Today I am considering my five favorite uses for recycled containers.  They could be yogurt, peanut butter, gelato or any container with a nice lid that could be cleaned and re-used. 

1.  The obvious first choice for re-cycled containers in my opinion is to store things in.
These containers make a perfect place to keep my safety pins that I use in my quilting.
2.  A container can be used as a mini-pail or bucket.  In my little cleaning chores, like cleaning the sink, I find a small container works much better than an unwieldy bucket.
And if it is too messy, stinky, germy at the end of the use, I can pitch the container without worries.  Usually I can re-use one of these several times before I decide that it is done.
3. A small container like this is great for a car trip.  I remember when my son was young going on a long trip and wrapping up little presents to pull out when he got too bored.  I could imagine packing one of these for each of several children on a trip.  For my surprises I bought a few things, and I also used things he already had that were small and could be brought out to amuse him on the trip.
I found this old bus and some sticky notes around my house that could work for a four year old.

I was surprised at how long something ordinary like sticky notes could keep a young child amused.

Girls are the unexplored country for me, but I imagined that an older girl might find lip gloss, beads and a hair clip something to keep her amused for a while.  (If there is a very young child in the car, scratch the beads.)

Note that the container is plenty large enough to include a little bag of some sort of snack.
4. Along the same lines as the surprise container, I was thinking of uses for containers for adults. I have friends with daughters who are going for their first jobs.  I imagined that a little container might be a sweet surprise for a girl's first day of work.
A package of tissues, a little sewing kit, an inspirational verse, and something to write on were things that could help someone on the first day of work.

A man or woman in the hospital could use a little container of stuff like this.  Some change, lip balm, playing cards for a game of Solitaire, a pencil, a paperclip, some gum or breathe mints could be a nice treat for someone in the hospital. 

Having once spent a week in the hospital, I can say from experience that I would have enjoyed something like this more than flowers.

And the key is--small and easily stored.  Nothing too valuable or precious.
5. My number one favorite use for recycled containers is a small sewing "box."  When I carry around the little quilts that I do, I need scissors and pins and needles and thread.  I find the needles get lost if they are in a container they can pierce.

I even made a special little pin cushion to fit in my portable sewing container.

So, there you have it.  Ways to recycle little containers.

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