Friday, May 30, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this bloggy carnival. There are plenty of blogs to visit.

1. Last Friday I didn't think I was ever going to get over my inner ear thing.  I used Doc Google and decided that it was probably being caused by a wax plug.  I bought a kit and used it.  It made my ear feel terrible.  I thought that was the biggest mistake of my life to do that on a holiday weekend.  But, by the next day my ear was a lot better.  And by today I have trouble remembering that I had an ear problem for a month.

2. Saturday and Sunday are pretty much a blur.  I went to Mass each day, but other than that, the only thing I recall is that my mom passed her driver's test.  In Illinois where she lives 90 years and up have to take the test and drive every year.  Mom will be 93 on Sunday.

3. Monday was a holiday for hubby and I.  We went to Outback in the evening.  We love the food, but I have to say, we never get the order the way we want it in a timely fashion.  They were very sorry and probably would have given us a free dessert, but we didn't need that.  We are looking for a different location to go to.  This is a big city and we have choices!

4. Tuesday I had to do reading testing at school.  And Thursday.  That really hurt my time for inventory.  I had Wednesday to do inventory.  I was rewarding the best readers on Wednesday.  They (all 2 of them) spent the day with me in the library.  Two others spent the morning.  Then I invented more until we totaled 21 for a pizza party in the afternoon.  And we had left over pizza at home for dinner.  Winner, winner, pizza dinner.  And I stayed until 4:30 and finished inventory.

5. On Wednesday when I had the kids in the library all day I had hoped to pull a Tom Sawyer white-wash the fence job.  I wouldn't have made them pay me, but I did try to make inventory seem fun in hopes they would finish it for me.  They did a little, but got bored fast.  Then I had them stamping books and they got halfway through and got bored and left books all over the table.  I need to bone up on that Tom Sawyer thing.  (Or else my job isn't as much fun as I thought it was.)

6. I finished yet another middle school book for the competition next year.  I think I am done for a while with those.  I want to enjoy a good murder mystery.  I have an Elizabeth George awaiting me on the Kindle.  The time has come.

7. I am off school today, Friday, to take Mom to the doctor for her regular check up.  Next week I still have a day and a half of school.  Will the year ever end?  Eventually it will.  By Wednesday I will be in summer mode, I hope. (I still have 30 books in the tail end of a book order that I will have to come back and process if they arrive.)

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