Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler, author of Something Other Than God, is the host of this carnival.  Go visit soe great blogs.

1. On the weekend we planted.  It is a worthy activity on a spring weekend.  It was cool enough and wet enough that there is hope that this fragile transplants and tiny seeds might produce flowers and leaves and grow!  I planted more marigolds, encouraged by the volunteers that had come up from the seeds of last year's plants.  I tried some zinnias.  I never have any luck with zinnias, but I tried anyway.  Hubby and I planted a crepe myrtle (light pink) and a forsythia bush.  One of our crepe myrtles from last year seems to have made it through last winter, and the other one, maybe not.  Planting is a hopeful activity.

2. I finished the quilt for my little high school drop out library assistant.  It turned out very pretty. I turned it over to the teacher at my school who knows the girl through her daughter.  If she can't get it to her, she will give it back to me.  I pray not to get it back.  Now I have several little quilting projects going on at once. I am trying a pinwheel.  It isn't going well. Fortunately I have some other projects to take my attention.
I hear that she is on bed rest as she approaches the end of her pregnancy. If you can spare a little prayer for her and her baby....

I like the way the quilt turned out.  I just can't predict how I will feel about them until they are finished.

3. I have slogged away at the overdues at work.  My middle schoolers still owe 203 books.  The aim is to get that number under 100.  Some years it happens, some years it doesn't. Since we are not out until June 3rd I have a little time.

I have also been doing the scanning of all the books which is what we call inventory these days.  For the past 2 years I had high school students to do this job.  Sigh.  But, little by little I am getting it done.

4. The neighbors' house was burglarized in broad daylight the other week.  It is a cause for concern.  They broke in through the side garage door and backed a van in, closed the garage door,  took the stuff and left.  Knowing about that has caused me a little concern everyday when I come home.  But, we don't have a side garage door and why would somebody do two houses in a row anyway?

5. Pentecost Novena is coming up.  It is the oldest Novena in the church.  Let the fire fall! I hope somebody I follow posts it everyday.  I know that I won't have time to do it. That is, I will pray it, bu not post it.

6.   Wednesday evening the teachers' meeting was cancelled. I was really mad about it.  Then I went home and thought--no meeting, why am I mad?.

7. Thursday I went out with my middle school librarian friends.  One of our number is retiring. I will really miss her. She is younger than I am.  I hope that we like the new girl.  She is an elementary librarian who doesn't do much with the rest of the librarians.  I hope that she wants to do things with us because we have a tight little group and she won't want to be the outsider.

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