Monday, May 12, 2014

Figuring Out the Most Loving Action

In theory I have gotten better and better at being Christ for others and seeing Christ in others.  I am somewhat more patient than I used to me.  I try to look at people as individuals and to fight my tendency to judge and condemn people who don't live according to my standards.  Even though I do believe that there are standards, not just my standards and your standards.  There are divine standards.

But, God is a God of love.  Christ came to teach me that.  I try to remember that and have gotten better at living as a disciple of Jesus Christ over my many years of life.  But, as I mentioned, it is all so much easier in theory.  I don't believe that emotions are bad, but they can stir me up to cause me to act in unloving ways.  Sometimes it is just impossible to figure out what the loving way is when my emotions come into play.

In most of my affairs I believe that I am a not too bad Christian and that I strive to get better everyday.  Then something throws me a curveball.  Last week I received an invitation to a niece's wedding.  Without going into details that I do not know and can't understand, I will just say that this girl is estranged from her parents and her sister over an incident that happened almost a decade ago.  She has cut these family members out of her life.  Until recently this hasn't had much to do with me, but within the past year she has moved closer to me and visits my mom on holidays so we run into each other.

I can't in good conscience attend a wedding where a daughter is treating her parents and one of her siblings in such a fashion.  I have spoken to her and sent her letters through the years asking her to reconcile with her family.  Just a few months ago I told her via letter that although I loved her I would not be attending a wedding where her father was not invited.  But, regardless of my letter, I have received an invitation.  I will send a crucifix as a wedding present.  I usually give either a Bible or a crucifix, so this girl isn't being treated differently.

I have been and continue to pray for her and for me.  I need to love her still, even though a piece of my mind would tell her to straighten up and get over herself and probably a few other things.  Instead, I will shop for a crucifix and I will pray.  That is the best I can figure out in this circumstance as the most loving action.  I will keep the pieces of my mind to myself.

And tomorrow is part two. Due to some developments in the story, I am delaying part 2.  I am still praying about the most loving action.

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