Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blank Pages

I find it harder and harder to face the blinking cursor without an idea of what I want to say.  I am involved with reading and quilting and trying to keep my foot going and trying to hear out of my right ear and looking at all the things I need to clean up and my mom.  My life is a run-on sentence.

Right now, today, I am not feeling freshly inspired.  I am not feeling the burning of desire or love.  I feel blah.  I ache and I am tired.  I feel old.

I hope with the 3 day weekend and the coming of Pentecost soon and the end of the school year eventually and maybe the prospect of a vacation I can stir up the Spirit within me and feel more alive and more hopeful and more filled with joy.

That about sums it up--I am not there where I want to be, but I have Hope.

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