Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival of the blogs.  Go around and visit the rest. And here for the 2nd week in a row I am mentioning Jennifer Fulwiler's book Something Other Than God, which I plan to get and read once the school year is over.  

1. The weekend was uneventful.  I shopped and returned things to the library.  We finally watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire from the public library.  I knew that I would not like this one as much as the first one or I will the end.  (Have I heard that they are doing Mockingjay in 2 parts?  That would be just plain wrong!)  I also finished reading Freaky Fast Franky Joe.  It is on the book list for next school year.  I expected to hate it, but I didn't.  I ended up loving it.  There have been some very good realistic fiction books for tweens lately--Counting By 7s, Sure Signs of Crazy and Fault in Our Stars (teens).  They all seem to have the hook which is death.  But, Freaky Fast Franky Joe skipped the death part and had a parent in jail instead.

2. I am working fast and furiously to finish the baby quilt for my former high school student worker.  The baby is due sometime in June, so there isn't room for finishing late.  Also, the only way I have to contact her is though one of the teachers at my school who knows her through her daughter.  I pray that I get it done and that I can give it to her.  And I pray for this baby born to an 18 year old unmarried high school drop out.  Not an auspicious start to life, but LIFE!  Something to celebrate. And to pray for.

3. There was a fight at the close of school on Wednesday.  Students heading out to the bus decided that it was the right time to settle matters between them.  It is always scary when a fight happens at a time when all 800 kids are on the lose. I was glad to have the guardian angels there with me.

4. I got 3 boxes of books from my order that I worked on while I was out in the lobby in the library annex a few weeks ago.  I call them my boxes of rocks.  They weigh that much. I got them all processed in a day.  There are several in the pile that I want to read.

5.  The school year has only teens of days left and today all the books are due.  Yet I find myself promising this kid and that kid that they can keep a book longer so that they can read the book that they are waiting for.  I am crazy.  I have to start rounding up those books!

6. I got the wedding invitation to my niece who has decided to exclude her parents from her wedding in a Catholic church.  Her actions are causing great angst in my family.  There is no way I would attend a wedding not hosted by my brother for one of his daughters.  I am shopping for a crucifix to send her and her husband to be as a wedding present. 

7. This weekend I am headed up to Mom's to celebrate Mother's Day with her and then back to here to hope to see my son.  It will be a busy weekend.

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