Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes

Jennifer Fulwiler, author, hosts this meme.  Go around and visit the rest.

1. I hate it when I don't start this post on the Friday after the last one appeared, because I have no idea what happened last weekend. None.... Wait, we lunched after Mass at Culvers and then went to the Divine Mercy Sunday celebration at my church.  This is about the third year my parish has done this.  At first I used to be upset that we don't have a priest there at our Divine Mercy event to offer adoration or a Mass or something.  Basically we get together and sing the Chaplet.  But, this Sunday I appreciated that as laypeople there are things we can't do (like have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament), but we can get together and praise God and that is what is important.  As the priest shortage becomes more profound, this may become the norm. It isn't about what we don't is about what we do.

2. Monday was a slow day in the library, because the classes I had scheduled went to the zoo or decided that they were too busy to check out books.  I discovered that on Wednesday the library would shut down for more testing. I was upset.

3. Tuesday was my book club field trip for the competition.  I took 13 students, all girls.  They were a rowdy bunch and almost got us disqualified for the noise they made at the competition.  We came in tied for 4th which was the best we ever did.  However, some of my students were angry and did not let it go until long after the competition was over.  Next year I am only taking 10!  And I am going to be meaner.  Definitely meaner (with the kids).  All in all we had a good time.  I am the only one bothered by their behavior.  They thought they were totally appropriate.

This is a picture of the 2 schools tied for 4th place.

4. Wednesday began the computerized testing in my library.  It has something to do with the Common Core and my state may throw that out, so I hope all of this is a waste of time.  There is too much testing.  I was adding it up in my head--once a month computerized tests for math and English, 3 times a year computerized tests for reading,  3 times a year other reading test, a week of state testing and then this common core thing is another week.  We test more than we teach.

5. Thursday I wrapped up the book club with a pizza party so that I could be done with them.  It was fun and I will miss them, but not as much as last year's group I am sorry to say.  This year the group is louder, more argumentative and nobody suggested that we say a prayer before we had our pizza.  I will do better with next year's group. We will have a moment of silence perhaps.

6.  I listened to Covenant Network radio on the way home Thursday.  The commentators were talking about something written by Pope Francis.  I only heard a small portion, but what I heard they talked about preaching the gospel, not just with actions, but with words.  I need to write a post about that sometime.

7. And how could it be May already?  And Jennifer Fulwiler's book Something Other Than God was released this week.  I need to get me some o' that!

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