Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Favorites, May

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5 Favorites of the month of May

1.  May is the month dedicated to Mary.  There are May crownings and May rosaries and Marian events.

2. As of today, at my school there are 19 days left in the school year. Yay!  It gets to be time when you hope for the end to come and this is it.

3. Mother's Day! This weekend is Mother's Day.  My 92 year old mother is still alive to celebrate with.  It has felt as though our days are numbered for a while.  Time to celebrate another year.

4. In May it is always the Eastertide.  No more Lenten practices.
It is time to clean off those ashes and shine, shine, shine!

5. The days are longer and there is more time to walk and mow the grass and do things instead of huddle inside to stay warm.


Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

That picture of Mary with the flowers is just beautiful.

Kate said...

When the days start getting longer it always feels like a promise fulfilled! Thanks for linking up!!

Erica Saint said...

Love your five favorites!

May is such a wonderful month. I love the flowers and gardens coming to life and the longer days. We will have our May crowning tomorrow with our homeschool group. And my oldest will graduate tomorrow from high school.

Enjoy your time with your grandmother! :)

Mary said...

That's my mom. Grandmothers have all been in heaven for a long long time.