Monday, April 28, 2014

What I Learned from Esther, Ruth, and Susannah

During Lent I was led to read scripture looking for ways that gifts and talents were used to bring forth God's kingdom.  I have read the stories of Ruth and Esther and Susannah before, but this time I prayerfully read the stories looking not so much at what happened, but rather, how it happened.  What gifts and talents did these women have and how did they use them in the service of God?  How did they know when and how to use them?

While the stories are very different, I concluded that the thing that all three of these women had in common was prayer and trust in God.  They had humility and willingness to trust God and the accept the help of others.

How can that relate to me?  Well, prayer and waiting upon the Lord are really good lessons for me.  Pray while I am waiting for the truth to be revealed.  I need the humility to trust that even the small things I do, if done prayerfully for God will help to build the kingdom.

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