Monday, April 14, 2014

Thinker or Do-er

I am fascinated to read Jennifer Fulwiler's thoughts.  She is a self-admitted "brain in a jar" type, a thinker.  Where she runs into trouble and hilarity is when her thoughts collide with the demands of her real life.  Her real life is challenging, she is a mother of many small children.  But in her before kid life she did things with computers that I don't even fully understand.  I really admire her because she thinks so much about things.  She has great ideas that changed her life.

I am not stupid, well not completely stupid.  I think about things.  But I keep busy.  I read things and stuff little snips of ideas into my brain and into the practice of my life.  I am good with a few well placed slogans, some memorized prayers, and the parables. I like to stay busy.  When I am busy with something like a quilt, I don't have to think about things, to search my mind for great ideas.  I can plan my next move in the thing I am doing.  I get things done.

The reason I thought about this is that Jennifer Fulwiler wrote a post about ideas that changed her life.  I couldn't relate in any way to that.  Events in my life have changed my thinking.  Events in my life have changed my life.  But, great philosophies or the thoughts of some saint don't change my life.  I don't seem to be able to think that hard.

I have a set of beliefs that I carry with me on my life journey.  I have principles.  I have the Law and the Prophets.  But, using those and then walking with Jesus and trying to love, that is about all I have.  I am really glad that there are people who can think that hard about things and see their life from different perspectives, but that is not me.  I am a do-er.  I keep busy.

I have thought sometimes when I read Jennifer's posts that it would be a lot easier for her to live my life and me to live hers.  But, easy isn't the point, we are in the places we are to grow closer to God.  Each of us is equipped to carry our separate crosses.

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