Friday, April 11, 2014

Seven Quick Takes, Last Fish Fry in Lent Edition

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival of the blogs.  You could meet some interesting folks within her list.

1. Last Sunday was my hubby's birthday.  We went out to eat at Tuckers. There was  a lot of meat and baked potato.  Not my favorite.  The steak was good, but I like a few side dish choices other than baked potato. 

Hubby had a good birthday, even if he seemed to be coming down with my "allergies" which now seem to have been a cold since I am getting over it.
Aren't they handsome boys?

2. Monday at work the heat was gone and the air seemed to be running full blast.  Since it was cool and rainy outside, that made for chilly conditions. It was local home opening day for baseball and when I came home, there were the cardinals playing right in my front yard.

3. Tuesday, the election took the library so I operated off of a cart.  I called it the Book Mobile.  I was exhausted by the end of the day. Son and hubby went to the hockey game in the evening.  I am not a fan.  Hockey is too loud and fast for me. Blues lost.  We got to bed too late.

4. Wednesday, I was doing library on a cart again.  I had a meltdown when the computer check out system didn't work.  I am not sure exactly why except it hit home that I would not have my library to work out of for 3 weeks. The computer problem turned out to be a district problem and it was resolved by mid-morning.

I had book club after school.  I love those kids.  They are crazy.  But, I love those kids.

Then in the evening I went to YaYas my women's prayer group.  We are watching the Bible.  We have finally reached the New Testament.  I really think this series is way too violent.  Any nice, pleasant happy story is skipped and extra violence is added.  But, it was great to get with the ladies.

5. Thursday I carted the library in the morning.  I am calling it the library annex since I am right outside the library door.  I have decided to make the most of it.  When life steals your library, make it into a party.

6. Thursday I had the crown put on my tooth in the afternoon.  It took less than a half hour.  I had the afternoon off. It got into the 80s.  So after the hard winter and the long cold spring, it is air conditioning weather.
As I parked at the dentist's I was surprised to see a truck from Quincy, which is more than 100 miles north of here.  The name on the truck is one of a family who lived near me when I was growing up.  Small world?

7.  The little cat quilt I sent off came back yesterday.  Apparently the address was wrong.  Sigh.  And today is the last fish fries or seafood dinners of Lent for most parishes.  Next week on Good Friday, it is not time to celebrate.  It is time to be watchful and sober.

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