Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday (Reposted from 2008)

I remember asking once when I was a kid what was so "good" about Good Friday. From my kid perspective it seemed that it was bad Friday. We had to fast and eat no meat. Usually we went to church and had to be really quiet and prayerful for what seemed like hours and hours. The central theme of the day was that someone was brutally killed, murdered really. That someone was God, so it didn't make any sense to me. It seemed like the very worst of days so I couldn't see calling it Good Friday.

I don't remember what I was told when I asked why it was called Good Friday. Obviously, I wasn't able to grasp the answer or maybe there was no answer. The question has stuck with me and I asked myself today. Why is it called Good Friday, when everything that is commemorated on this day is so awful?

It is fitting that we fast and control our eating today. It is right that we spend some time in church or at least some time in prayer. It is a solemn day, a holy day. It was a sad day in human history, that we did this to God. That I did this to God.

Good Friday marks the day we were rescued. The day that our salvation was put into motion. Without Good Friday we would be nothing, have nothing to look forward to in eternity. Jesus saved us by His death. That makes it a very good Friday for us all. It is Good Friday because without it we are nothing. Because of it, we are God's own children.

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