Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Five Favorites, Working with Tweens and Young Teens

Hallie at Moxie Wife hosts this carnival.  You can learn stuff from some of these folks.

I work in a middle school.  Sixth through eighth graders are my clients.  They are a lively bunch and many people would not enjoy working with this age person.  I do and these are my reasons.

1. I like to work with the tweens because it keeps me abreast of the latest fashions.  And I do mean abreast.  Even though my school is a "uniform" school, we are rather loose in interpretation.  I have discovered that bling is good, the more the better.  Wearing your hoodie up even though it is against the rules is a fashion statement and sometimes claimed as a religious preference.

The youthful daring of these children is a sight to behold.

2. I like to work with tweens because they unabashedly walk up to me and ask where that "Shades of Gray" book is kept.  When I mention that I don't carry those kinds of books, tweens will demand to know "Why not?" and does the high school have it?

But, some will just as easily ask where I keep the Bible and when I show them, they are surprised that I will even let them check it out.

3. I love the tweens because they are just as likely to steal the stuffed bee off of my desk as they are to take something of greater value.  At least the bee usually comes back.  They choose the food out of the prize case more often than the more expensive items.  First things are first with them.

4. I like the tweens because there is still hope.  They haven't made up their minds yet and even though they think they know everything and are ready for anything, they can turn on a dime.  The worst sinner can become a saint in the time it takes to blink an eye.

5. I like working with tweens because they have energy and enthusiasm.  As the crashing noise resounds when they leave the building at the end of the day, I picture praises to the Lord.  These kids were made for great things.  I pray for them, because the world wants them to fall.  The world desires for them to turn away from what is good and holy and pleasing.  But, as I stand there, at the end of the day, I pray for good.


Silliest Bunny said...

I love your positive attitude on a age that often is disliked :)

Mary said...

Mostly it is the adults who are hard to live with.....the kids are kids...there is a lot to like about them....