Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Five Favorites, Spring Flowers

Hallie Lord, the Moxie Wife, hosts this carnival.  It is fun to go around and see the great variety of favorites.  Today, I will consider spring flowers.  Spring flowers are my favorites.  These are the favorites of the favorites.

My daffodils were just outstanding this year.  These were late to open, but aren't they fancy?  To me daffodils are a hope for the future, because I have to plant them in the fall.  Sometimes they don't bloom well the first year.  But, after a few years, they need to be divided and thinned out.

The grape hyacinths went completely crazy this year.  They are a blue ring around the maple tree.  They come up year after year.  It is clear to me that they need to be thinned this year.

Tulips are perfection.  I have never seen an ugly tulip.  These red ones in my garden almost shine blue, don't you think?

Lily of the valley are sweet and precious and taking over my flower gardens this year.  I need to chop them back.  But they smell like Heaven.

I was going to include the crocus as the last one, but then this dandelion caught my eye just out of my garden.  We have the yard treated with toxic chemicals, so we don't have as many dandelions as we once did.  So, the few we have are precious.
My confirmation saint was Saint Therese the little flower.  So, I honor her with these posies.  Happy spring! Happy Eastertide!
(And, yes, I do my own photography.  Flowers are easy subjects.)


Beth Anne @ Beth Anne's Best said...

Such pretty flowers! When I lived in Texas there would be bluebonnets (state flower) EVERYWHERE!! There was one field I passed often and almost everyone I knew used it to take family photos every year :)

Veronica Rouse said...

Absolutely beautiful flowers!!