Monday, April 7, 2014

Evidence, Library CSI

As I was preparing to leave work late last Wednesday, I thought I would take a few shots of the mess my library is in since I am doing everything by myself. (My high school worker has turned 18, gotten pregnant, moved in with her boyfriend and dropped out of high school....sounds like a country song doesn't it?  Pray for the baby.)
After working on and off all afternoon to put away books, I had the cart above and the cart below with the other cart turned around to put away.

Fiction is easy to shelve, it is just that the library is large, extra large and walking all the way to the "A" authors at the other end of the room is like walking to the next state.

I strolled through the non-fiction and did a few shots.  The sports section is sagging there at the end of the shelf.  I think it is a good thing spring training is over.....

The dinosaurs were clearly having a war.

The reptiles on the bottom shelf are slithering...

And the beauty section, needs exercise. (And less make-up.)

Looking at sports from another direction shows that it is worse than it first appeared.  I had all 300 or so sixth graders in the library last Wednesday and 6th graders are hard on the shelves. And they distribute bookmarks around the floor.

Here is the top picture again. As I was looking at these pictures at home a couple of days later I noticed--there is a BODY wearing blue on that chair.  When I took those pictures at around 5pm I thought I was alone in the library.  The next day there was no body, I am pretty sure.  But, who was that body?  Was it alive and walked away later or did someone dispose of it cover up the evidence?  Perhaps we will never know.

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