Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. Last Friday I made a quick trip up the lazy river to Q to see my mom, and give my brother the tax information that I had at my house.  I vacuumed for Mom and we took her out to eat at Sprouts.  She declared that it was the worst meal she ever had.  It must be nice to be 92 and to have had better meals all of her life than that one.  She ordered a baked potato and then forgot that is what she ordered to go with her salad and fried catfish.  She didn't like all the breading on the catfish.  Anyway, we survived that meal and I took her shopping on Saturday morning and headed south toward home.

2. The daffodils finally started to bloom on April 1st!  Yay! Unfortunately, the blooming trees are sending pollen into my nose that is making me sound and look like a water faucet.  Or else it is another snotty little cold.  I am miserable even on drugs or various kinds.

3. I am having the whole school come to check out books this week.  This means that the shelves get messed up and there are a lot of books to put away.
I really miss my high school helper.  I hope that she likes the baby quilt I am making her.  I remind myself that it is too different things--her bad decisions that have left me in a lurch and the sweet baby who she carries.  I pray for that baby.

4.  I got to write a paragraph about each of my best readers for an award they will receive.  It was so grace-filled to be able to tell them what I thought about them.  They are all examples of the best kids I have ever met.  They are all polite and patient and thoughtful.  I was able to say different things about each of them, but I couldn't fail to notice how much they have in common.

5. Wednesday we had a faculty meeting after school.  It was about the state testing.  Very few questions were answered.  It is all a mystery.  All I know it that the library plays heavily into the testing.

6. Thursday I was all set for my book club and the district called off activities due to weather in the area. Sigh!  I have field trip plans to make.

7. After having the entire school run through my library this week and mess up my shelves, I am ready for a weekend.  Who knows what delicious surprises God has in store for the weekend.  And for the next week, God willing that I live to walk through it.  Right now, my sinus pressure is so bad I am not sure whether I will make it.  I may explode in a pile of tree pollen snot.  Or not.

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