Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Easter!

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1. I was off school Friday and Monday, called "Spring Weekend" by my school district.  The district in which I live had school both of those days.  It is really hard to work on Good Friday, although when I was a Catholic school teacher we had school on that day.  I went to the Stations of the Cross at noon. I need the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.

2. On Easter we went to 7:30 Mass which was the sunrise service at my parish.  This was maybe the first itme ever that we went to Mass at 7:30 on Sunday.  There were a whole different crowd of people there.  It was beautiful to see the flowers and to sing the Alleluia again.

3. Then son and hubby and I drove up to Quincy to dine at the Chinese buffet with my mom and borther and sister and husband.  Then we went over to brother's house to play cards.  It was sad to think that by next year this time he will be up in Chicago and his house won't be available and he won't we with us.  The last year together.

4.  We drove home in the evening of Easter. I had Monday off which was great.  Hubby took the day off.

5. The rest of the week was busy busy busy with meetings and groups and dinners.  It was a headache of a week. I love seeing all the people and all the things I did, but sometimes I would just like to sit and quilt.

6.  The flowers are beautiful this time of year and so are the trees.

7. He is Risen!  Eastertide is so glorious and beautiful and wonderful. Amen

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