Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Favorites, Lent

This isn't the kind of week when I have much to say.  Five favorites about Lent as it comes to a close.  

1. Lent is a great time to go to Confession.  Usually Penance is offered more than normal.  We have 2 parish Penance days and I went to a conference that offered Confession, so I am good, for now.

2. Lent is a great time to up the ante on my prayer life.  It is time to think about prayer more and practice different forms of prayer.

3. Lent is a time to take stock of my health.  Losing weight is a continual struggle for me.  Remembering that I am fighting the inclinations of the flesh, is a good Lenten practice for me.

4. Lent is a time to be thankful for the abundance in my life and to be mindful of those who are less fortunate.

5. Lent is a time when there are extra opportunities to grow in faith either by study or in a program offered in the parish.  I have been studying women in the scripture and how they use their gifts and talents to bring forth God's kingdom.

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