Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Favorites, Dry Skin Edition

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I have very dry skin.  I used to suffer from eczema and I have learned to keep my skin moistened up so that I don't itch though the winter. I also am very sensitive to scents.  I have sensitive skin.  Although, I hope the winter will soon be behind us, I thought I would share my 5 favorite body moisturizers.

1. I have used Burt's Bees Body Butter for a few years.  This jar has lasted and lasted.  The sickly sweet honey smell doesn't bother my nose and the "butter" seems to keep my skin from itching.
I am a little tired of the honey smell and so I have tried out some other creams and butters lately.

2. I have tried Boots Rose Hips Body Butter.  I purchased this at Target.  Whenever I open the jar I love the smell and it doesn't bother my nose or make me itch.  I do think that after I a while the scent becomes more like vinegar than roses.  I love the whipped feel and the pink color of the butter.
When this is gone, I doubt I will replace it.
3. I like the Bath and Body Works creams.  Sometimes the fragrances are too strong, but these two work for me.
This is my favorite scent.  It only bothers my nose a little, meaning that I can't sleep with it on.  I love the thickness of this cream.

This version doesn't have a strong fragrance and it a better choice for me for night.
4. My stand-by is the Oil of Olay Quench.  I rub this on during a shower.  I don't love the smell, but it doesn't bother my nose. 
5. My new all time favorite is this one.
Aveeno products rarely bother my nose or make me itch.  I can sleep with this body butter without problems.  I like the whipped texture and the way it makes my skin feel.  I found it at my local grocer and at Walmart.

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Silliest Bunny said...

Thanks!! My baby and my three year old both struggle with eczema. I'll try the Aveeno butter.