Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Twenty things I will never do--

 Twenty things I will never do:
1. Decide to sleep in on Sunday instead of going to church.
2. Throw something away that somebody might be able to use.
3. Quit reading books.
4. Love to exercise.
5. Keep my house spotless.
6. Make my bed every morning.
7. Wear a size 6.
8. Go back to teaching reading instead of library.
9. Like my hair cut very short.
10. Enjoy making phone calls.
11. Switch sides of the bed with my husband.
12. Quit eating chocolate or ice cream.
13. Get even with someone.
14. Be someone's punching bag or victim.
15. Go to bed on time or early.(But I dream of it)
16. Jump out of an airplane.
17. Go to war.
18. Move away from the Midwest.
19. Give up on being a Charismatic Catholic.
20. Quit worrying about my son and hoping for the best for him.

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