Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Lady of the Snows, Walking the Way of the Cross

This past Wednesday I took the long drive over to Our Lady of Snows in Belleville, IL.  The route has changed since my last visit.  I crossed the new 70 bridge called the Stan Span in local slang.  I arrived just after noon.  It was cold and felt like very early spring or late winter around these parts.

My goal was to take a walk on the Way of the Cross.  It is a half mile all the way around.  I went around 3 times making it a mile and a half walk.
The church is round.  I went to Mass there once when I stayed out there for a retreat.

The playground still has the giant hands of God.

The trees were still very bare.

The Way of the Cross has these little buildings holding the Stations.  If you press a button, it will say a meditation for each station as you go around.

This is the road that leads around the Way of the Cross.

A close up of the Station.

As I sat and looked up in the Agony Garden which is at the entrance, I thought maybe I could see the beginning of swelling buds.
Snows is a restful place and it was the mountaintop experience I wanted on this Lenten Spring Break Day.

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