Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Little Imaginary Ruler

One of the things I have struggled with in spiritual direction lately is how to hear God's call in my life.  I had been operating on the principle that if it was an opportunity to share faith or pray with people or receive the Eucharist, I should say "yes" and for everything else I really didn't know what to do in light of my call to be a Christian.  For most everything else it was "don't," as in don't swear, don't be unkind.  There were a few dos, like be kind, be loving.  But, in many circumstances of my life, I didn't know how to discern God's call, to hear God's voice.

But, when asked to state my life's mission statement I didn't have to hesitate.  My call is to use my gifts and talents to bring forth God's kingdom into this world.  My call is to bring myself and others to heaven, to the best of the talents and abilities (I call them charisms) that the Lord has given me.  That mission statement just didn't seem to apply in all circumstances.  I have been praying about that.

I am finding that I can pull out the handy yardstick of using my gifts and talents to bring forth God's kingdom in many, if not all circumstances of my life.  For example, physical therapy for my ankle just seems like something I am doing for me, until I consider that if I can't go anywhere, I can't bring God's gifts anywhere.

So, I have a little spiritual ruler that I pull out and measure the circumstances and events of my life with these days.  It has helped me greatly in discerning the right paths and the little decisions that I have to make.

My I suggest, that unless you are certain in all things, that you pray for God to reveal your life's mission.  We may all have different ones.  Once you have found it, all the decisions of your life should be able to be tested as to whether they help you to achieve that mission or not.

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