Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lenten Plans

So, I am a little late.  But I feel that I have been spoken to by the Lord about what I need this Lent.  These are my plans ---

1. I am offering up the pain of my foot while working on trying to get a fix for it.  I am also making appointments to have the things done that I need to do for maintenance. I still need to do well woman and dentist.  I plan to see my physician about my knee.  I am trying to eat healthy and use food for fuel and not to stuff down my emotions.  My fasting is to get on with life while offering up the decaying body.

2. I have decided that the call in Scripture study is to read and journal about women in the Bible who used their gifts and talents to bring forth God's kingdom.  I think I will start with Ruth.

3.  I have a couple of ideas about alms.  I will keep those to myself. Not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.

4. I intend to go to at least one stations of the cross and at least one daily Mass during Lent and at least one hour of Adoration.  If those seem wimpy to you, then pray for me, because that is all I can commit to at the moment. I will coninue my regular prayers and devotional readings.

In past years I committed to more rigorous Lenten obligations.  But, I found that often it was more about completing them than the internal change within me.  This year I am working to really become the person God calls me to be and not just do things that I can complain or brag about either privately in prayer or publically.

I am most looking forward to the study of the Bible. I am anxious to spend a little time with Ruth.

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