Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Five Favorites, The Being 60 Edition

Hallie hosts this carnival.  I will chase everyone away this week.

Five Favorites (or not) of being 60 (which I am).

1. All the tests.  I had a colonoscopy this week.  I need to schedule a mammogram and well woman check soon.  The general practitioner looks at my blood sugars, blood fat, weight, and arthritis. Lots of this has happened before this 60th year, but it seems to be swirling around all at one time to me.

So, Sunday I was saying--Hello, Jello.  What is my favorite flavor?  I taste tested grape, strawberry, lemon, and apricot.  Lemon is the winner for my taste buds. And I had to drink 64 ounces of Gatorade.  It wasn't too bad.  I had grape and lemon.  The dyes in that stuff are really potent.  (You don't want to know how I know.

2. The body that betrays me.  Once I could push too hard, walk too far, lift too much and have sore muscles for a day or two.  Now I am likely to need physical therapy to get over my exercise indiscretions. From dust I am to dust I shall return and I will crumble bit by bit on the way. Fortunately, physical therapy and make up can help me recover and cover.  Like my purple nail polish does.

3. But, in case you think I am all gloom and doom, there are the senior discounts.  I got a whole 50 cents off a movie in January and 33 cents off fast food without even asking.  I wanted to hand them back the money and say I wasn't old enough to qualify, but that would be lying.  Adding together my senor discounts so far, I am not even at a dollar.  Good thing I didn't retire yet.

4. When I talk about my childhood memories most of the people I work with act as though they should record these for future generations because they are so bizarre.  Like black and white television and rotary dial phones and party lines. Not to mention that I once road in a Delorean (like the car in Back to the Future). Turning 60 is ancient to young people.

5. If I make it through all the tests, there is retirement looming ahead someday and maybe even the possibility of becoming a grandparent.  All in all, being 60 isn't so bad, it just takes some getting used to.

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Jen M said...

Pretty toenails! Good luck with your tests and enjoy those discounts. :)