Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So, today, not a Holy Day, but a holy day, Lent begins.  Forty Days to get it together and prepare for Heaven.  Sort of like physical therapy for the soul.  These days to scratch around in my soul and find up where the weeds are.  These days to try to plant new habits and a deeper fuller relationship with my loving God.

My plans include going deeper into using my gifts and talents to bring God's kingdom to the world.  I will try to take that yardstick and hold it up to all the areas of my life.  I will try to apply my mission statement to the areas of joy and the areas of heartache.  I will try to bring Christ into all the places of my life.

This holy day is time to begin again, a second or third or thousandth chance to come closer to the mystery.  This time is holy and today I begin the journey.

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