Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was involved with the Charismatic Renewal Spring Conference.  Fr. Peter Sanders was the presenter.  His talks were anointed.  I am sure he was exhausted after celebrating the Mass on Saturday evening.  His topic was the charism of healing.  Seek not the healing of God, but seek the God who heals.

I was a greeter and an intercessory pray-er.  At the end we helped clean up.  It was a busy weekend.

2. Then Sunday I had to do the colon cleanse for the colonoscopy I had scheduled for Monday.  It was much easier this time than the last two.  Besides a heavy dose of laxative, I had to drink two bottles of Gatorade.  The first one I had ten years ago, I had to drink this awful carbonated stuff that made me gag.  Five years ago I had to drink gallons of stuff that I flavored with the flavor of my choice.  I made an unfortunate choice of pineapple. As I remember it all the flavor choices for that stuff were whacky--not the usual lemon or grape which would have been easy.  To this day, I am not thrilled with the taste of pineapple.  This go around I got to have 2 bottles of Gatorade of my choice.  I chose lemon and grape.  It went down easier.  The colon cleanse isn't fun, but it isn't that bad.

I ate a lot of jello and drank white soda.  Or as I would have called it as a kid in northern Illinois, white pop.  It was Seven Up.  What do you call that stuff?

3. Monday I went for the colon test.  Hubby had to take me since I couldn't drive home.  I was hungry and crabby and caffeine deprived by the time I got there.  The test was fine.  I had one small polyp.  I await the results because if it is one kind of polyp I go in again in 5 years and if it is another, I go in ten!

4. My time is a little free-er now because I graduated out of physical therapy.  My foot is a lot stronger.  I need to have the old knees looked at.  I was sad to see the last of the lovely V and happy to have more time in my life! But after Tuesday at work and putting the books away, which used to be the job of my student worker, my foot was really sore.  It was still sore Wednesday morning.

5. The weather has been very changeable this week.  It was up to 80 on Tuesday, or close to that.  It was in the 30s on Wednesday.  The rain blew with the hard winds that ushered in the cooling temperatures. 

6. Wednesday we went to a local parish for corned beef and cabbage.  It was delicious.  Then I went to my women's group.  When we started years ago I felt like the old lady with a grown son while they all had 8th graders graduating up to high school.  Now they have grandchildren and weddings and one is fighting breast cancer and one has a husband having a heart bypass this week.  I feel like one of the younger women in the group because I don't have all of those problems.  I am hoping for a wedding to plan and grandchildren someday.

7. The book fair starts next week.  I spent Thursday setting it up.  I got kids to help me lift the boxes.  It made me feel old to do that, but old I am.  Too old to be lifting book fair boxes of books.  I find running this library without assistance to be really hard work.  (Or else the time change is kicking me while I am down.)

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