Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes

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1. Saturday to Sunday we had what I hope was our last major snowstorm/ cold weather outbreak of the season.  This has been a miserable winter.  Somehow, I hope that spring is right around the corner and polar vortex is just a name of bad weather that we will all soon forget.  The church was full on Saturday evening with all the people who were there to avoid the storm.

Father emphasized the words from the Gospel--Don't worry about tomorrow.  I concluded that perhaps we all should have stayed home from Mass on Sunday and not anticipated the bad weather.  I don't think that was supposed to be his point. 

2. Staying in from the weather on the weekend I finished the multi-colored crocheted scarf I was working on.  I am hoping that this is the last week I will have to wear it.  It is a strange combination of drab and pretty. (Brown and pink)  The yarn was called "camo" so I guess that is the effect it is going for.  I am not sure where that color camouflage would work.  A mall, perhaps?  I like it.

It is a simple lattice pattern.

3. Last week I discovered that the assistant I hired this year who was/is a high school senior is pregnant and appears to be dropping out of school.  She hasn't been to school in more than 7 school days.  She didn't show all week for me at work and only called me once.  Our secretary called her mother to discover that she moved in with her boyfriend now that she has turned 18.  Please pray for that baby and that little mother to be.  I suspect I will not see her again.  I am so sad about this on so many levels.

4. Monday was a snow day.  Despite the fact that most of the storm missed us.  We had ice and sleet on Sunday and a little bit of snow on top of that.  The weather was really cold on Monday (minus wind chills), so we took the day off.  I hate to think of all the beautiful days in early June that I am missing because of this cold, miserable winter.  I am trying to enjoy these days, as they are the ones that the Lord has made.  I went over to physical therapy for my foot early in the day and did a little shopping and vacuumed.

The sleet and ice made the driveway really hard to clear.  It is supposed to be warm later in the week and I hope it goes away then because I chipped and chipped at the ice and that is all the farther I got on Monday.

5. In a moment of what can only be described as temporary insanity, I made an appointment for a colonoscopy for this coming Monday.  When I called I had hoped to get something during Spring Break or Easter Weekend.  I had hoped that I could get an appointment that was weeks, but not months away.  The scheduler said--I have a cancellation this coming Monday at noon.  Now noon is late in the day to have this procedure done in my book.  It means two days of starvation and a long time without water.  But, in for a pint, in for a pound, I said, "Okay!"

6. At the Ash Wednesday service I got ashed in a large way.  I had it dripping down my nose.  I wasn't sure until I got home because I refused to look.
Part of the homily was about how ashes aren't a biblical call, but they are symbolic of how we enter Lent with our ugly worldly values and through prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and scripture readings we leave Lent at Easter with a more beautiful soul. Amen!

7. This weekend is the Renewal Conference.  It is on healing.  Pack up your babies and grab your old ladies and everyone go.....  Or come and learn how to be Catholic and pray in the Spirit and lay hands and pray for healing.  Read the section in the Catechism on Prayer and you will see what I am talking about.  I am a greeter and a pray-er.  And we will probably help clean up after it is over.  The Conferences are the best two weekends of the year for me.


Caron said...

I really like the scarf!

Mary said...

Thanks! It is easy easy easy!