Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Spring Break

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this meme.  There are lots of bloggers to meet if you go to the Conversion Diary.

1. I stayed late a week ago Thursday night packing up the book fair in fear that it would be picked up first thing Friday morning.  It wasn't.  It was still there when I left at noon.  I suppose it will still be there looking like this on Monday.
I had a book fair miracle in that when I was counting out the money, it came out exactly right.  I counted the dollars and they were all there.  And I sold about $500 more than last spring's book fair.

2. Saturday morning I went to the Magnificat Women's Prayer Breakfast.  The speaker was the chastity educator for the youth ministry team in our diocese.  She says when she hands out her card, as an unmarried 20 something, it is a topic of conversation.  I forgot to take any photos.  I discovered that the art teacher at my school is the daughter of a woman who I know well and happened to sit at my table.  If J weren't expecting a baby any minute, I would have something to talk about when we got back from spring break.

3. Monday morning I went to the dentist.  I had a cavity under an old crown. Yuck a doodle.  As I sat awaiting the dentist to come in and cheerfully give me the bad news, I wanted to ask for my bag with the book and the quilting to occupy my time as I waited.  I decided that perhaps I would take a page from Jennifer Fulwiler's plan of not choosing songs to listen to, and instead, sit and pray while I waited.  I only waited a few minutes, I am sure, but several times I almost gave it up to get my things and occupy my time, when I calmed myself down and went back to prayer.  I got to go home and have lunch and then go back and have my tooth drilled and filled and temporary crowned.  Lovely start to the spring break.

I mailed this finished quilt to the baby and his mommy in Texas.  Friend of my son, I liked this girl who worked at my grocery store briefly and talked to me while she checked me out.

4. Tuesday I went to the knee doctor. Will the fun never end? I had a shot in the knee.  I wanted to see how it would work and this week on break seemed like a good time for that.  It hurt, that knee shot.  Don't let anybody kid you.  It hurts.  The doctor took xrays and said I wasn't ready to talk knee replacement yet, but I was on the road.  I am not at all sure that I am on that road.  I may take a detour before that road shows up for me.

5. Wednesday I started with Mass.  I wanted to do something fun.  I drove over to Our Lady of Snows and walked the Way of the Cross 3 times or a mile and a half.  Although it is spring break and almost April and you would think there would have been signs of spring there, no.  It felt and looked like winter.

6. Thursday I took the cat to the vet in the morning.  Will the fun and delight never end?

7. All in all I got some things accomplished over spring break.  If I were the kind of person who go any satisfaction in that, then I would be well satisfied.  Unfortunately, I like to do something new and interesting.  I like to travel or go somewhere.  Rather than moan over my fate, I need to work on making that kind of thing happen. But today I am headed up to Quincy to spend the night with my mom and help my brother with her taxes.

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