Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Favorites, Parenting

My days of having a child in my house to love and parent are long gone.  I miss those days.  They were too fleeting and cut short in some respect.  My plan to have more than one child wasn't God's plan. I have learned to accept that and even to rejoice in it to some respect.  But especially times like spring break, I miss having someone else to take charge of and make plans for.  I thought, from my lofty old age of 60, I would share with you all who are still in the trenches my five favorites, the things I miss about parenting.
1. Giving a little someone a bath.  I miss the smell of the baby shampoo and the play that takes place in the bathtub.  Bathing someone else is an intimate moment of sharing time and sharing self.  I liked bath toys, even though they got gross over time.  I especially enjoyed toweling off the little person at the end of the bath and helping put clean clothes on.

2. Going places with a young one.  The zoo, the children's museum, the playground, when does one go to these places without child in tow?  These places aren't really fun without a child, in my opinion.  I try to take myself to the zoo, but without a child with me all the other children start to annoy me.  There is no one to buy treats for or look at the gift shops.  Looking at the antics of the monkeys or the beauty of the birds without someone else to share with, is just not the same.

3. Teaching a young one things.  I enjoyed cooking, sewing, cleaning, and craft projects with my son when he was little.  I still do those things, but they aren't as "fun" anymore.  Little ones look at things from different angles.

4. Reading bedtime stories was a favorite parenting activity.  I made my son into a reader by sharing all my favorites with him.  We read Ramona and Charlotte and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and so many more.  I didn't stop bedtime stories until he was in 6th grade.

5. Having someone to talk to and to talk at me all day long.  My spring break days have largely been spent in silence.  I don't really like to talk to the cat.  I am not a phone chat person.  I sometimes say not a word to anyone all day long.  I can remember thinking--just give me two minutes of silence, please, stop talking for a minute, when I was parenting.  These days I miss that.


Monica said...

What a wakeup call for me, homeschooler of 4 with one on the way! Thanks so much for sharing!

Silliest Bunny said...

This post made me tear up... thanks for perspective.