Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Treasures, Revisited

For a while on the blog I did a piece I called "Tuesday Treasures."  Perhaps it shows how much I am scraping the barrel, so to speak, that I am revisiting and updating a few of my "Treasures" posts.  If you want to join in, grab the logo and leave a comment.  What woman doesn't have a treasure or two?
It's Tuesday Treasures time.  Dust off your special somethings and put them out on display.  Leave a comment and we will all come see your treasure.

More treasure from my mom's house when she moved into the senior apartments where she now resides.  I took her meat platters.  This one was the one we used most often in my growing up years at our house.  We ate a lot of meat.  There were six of us altogether in my family and that filled a platter with fried chicken or pork chops or a roast.  This was our family meat platter and was used almost every day.

It was a Homer Laughlin piece as you can see from the bottom which seems to mean something to my mom.  Lots of her things were Homer Laughlin which loooks like pretty ordinary stuff to me. But, made in the USA.
And this platter came with the other one. My mom insisted I take them both.  It was my grandma's good china pattern.  Altogether at my house now I have 4 big meat platters for two people, three people on holidays or more on the occasional Thanksgiving.  There is a part of me that sighs over these things that sit around.  It seems that I will never use them.  But another small voice says, maybe somehow, someday there will be a crowd on Sundays and you will fill up some meat platters. (Or you can give them at weddings to the younger generation. Yes, Virginia, this could be yours if you ever marry. And please note that Virginia was a vegetarian when I wrote this piece in 2010 and now she eats chicken! )
The meat platters remind me that those family dinners were one way that families shared faith.  We prayed.  We talked.  We shared our lives, our cares and concerns.  We ate.  At those family dinners I learned that we were a people of faith.

If you have a treasure, leave a comment and we will come and see it.


Dandelionmom said...

oooo Virginia! start fishing Hon! That platter is a BEAUT!

Sorry I missed this week-I intended to play but the fact that it was Tuesday today kinda slipped my mind.

Mary said...

The inside joke is Ginnie has been a vegetarian since she was about 15. I don't think she has any use for a meat platter.

Tami said...

Oh roasted carrots and potatoes would look lovely on that platter.