Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday Treasures, Mom's Paintings

An old feature in the early days of my blog was Tuesday Treasures.  In this feature I shared some of my special items.  Things I like.  I invited readers to do the same.  I have been revisiting a few of the old Tuesday Treasures lately and making some updates.  You are welcome to leave a comment and invite readers back to see your treasures too.

It's Tuesday. Time to share a treasure.  If you have one, leave a trail and I'll come around and visit.

After my mom retired from teaching she became a watercolor artist. She had always considered herself "artistic" and she bolstered those tendencies by taking watercolor painting classes.  This onion painting was one of her first pieces.  I have always loved it and begged it off of her.  In one of our houses it hung in our bedroom.  My hubby claimed it for his bathroom in our last house.  In this house it has gone into the master bathroom where it goes very well with the color of the walls.  As I am looked at this I realized that the picture was upside down.  Well, no matter.  It is onions.
But, here it is the right way with a reflection of the skylight at the top.

Another of her paintings that she gave to me is this one of Bok Tower.  We took her to see Bok Tower when we lived in Florida and she repaid us with this picture.
When Mom was moving out of her house she gave me this picture which always hung in her kitchen.  It speaks to me of Mom in her heyday when she was an avid gardener.
My mom was never a great artist.  She has painted a few commissions which makes her a professional in some respects.  These days I think she has largely hung up her paint brush.  I haven't seen her work on anything in the past year.  It is another passing of time.


Jody Blue said...

A nice treasure, it fun to decorate with things that have a special meaning.

Tami said...

That picture begs to go in the kitchen!