Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thank You, Lord

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for all the fun I have had this week.  Thank You for all the former students I have run into lately in a pleasant friendly way.  Thank You, Lord, for all of the opportunities You have given me to grow in my life.  Thank You for the doors You have shut for whatever reason.  I accept that it was all part of Your divine plan for my life.

Thank You for all the bloggy friends that have come my way through this endeavor.  Bless them all, this day and all the days of their lives.  I especially lift up S  and her recovery from surgery and her battle with this cancer.  Be with her family, Lord.  Send people to help them and lift their spirits. And thanks for all the people who prayed about that port!

Draw me into Your Sacred Heart.  Forgive me with Your infinite mercy.  Help me to be hopeful and joy-filled until I meet You face to face.

Your beloved daughter,


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