Saturday, February 15, 2014

State of the Blog

I haven't updated where I am on the blog lately.  It sounds like I perfect topic for a Boring Post for Saturday.

I have been busy with my life.  The second half of the school year is always busier than the first.  I am not sure why that is because I think I am plenty busy at the beginning of the year. It is like a wheel that spins faster and faster as the year goes by.

Lately, I have so many places to be after school.  I have added physical therapy twice a week and that won't end until March.  I have the book club once a week which won't end until May.  Once a month I have a teachers representative meeting.  Once a week I go to a 12 step program meeting.  Once a week I go to a weight loss meeting. Twice a month I have my woman's church group meeting.  Once a month I go to Spiritual Direction.  And there is the odd Mass or prayer group meeitng thrown in as well.  I have commitments.  So, even with all this busy-ness I don't have things to write about.  Most of the stuff is boring to tell, even to me.  And there has been the weather this winter, which I am just trying to endure. It is no longer amusing, falling into depressing.

All the aforementioned busy leaves little time for reflection.  It leaves little time for amusing pictures and stories.  The busy-ness takes up my life.  The blog has suffered.  It is my orphan child.  It is the shoemaker's child going barefooted.  But someday I look forward to longer days, more time, relaxing, and maybe more time for this endeavor called "Hope Echoes."

I am thankful for scheduling, because I still type up something ahead of time.  I have been pulling out some old stuff that wasn't read much like the Tuesday Treasures.  As long as I continue to run on the hamster wheel of my life, I am afraid that there isn't much interesting to say.  But, I will slog on with the blog because I have a feeling that tomorrow or the day after or the day after that, there might be things I need to talk about here.

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