Friday, February 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes--St. Valentine's Day Edition

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1.  Last weekend their was snow again.  Will this winter never end?

We have shoveled the driveway way more times than I ever thought we could in a winter.  And this snow is sticking around.  I am ready for spring. St. Valentine's Day marks the return to decent weather, doesn't it? 

There were robins flocking outside my library windows this week.  One of the students suggested I get a birdhouse so that they would stay.

2. Tuesday and Thursday I had Physical Therapy again.  Next week was supposed to be the last time, but we have extended until March.  I still have high hopes for PT.  But, after these weeks, I can see that I am not having a complete cure for my ankle/foot problem.  Getting stronger and moving more are my goals.  Last week the foot doctor told me I have arthritis in my foot and it will always hurt and then he said, "Take care, Dearie."  I felt like I was my 92 year old mother and that feeling has been hard to shake.  It felt a little like I should give up and forget it, just get a walker or a cane or a wheel chair and be old and stationary.  So, I had to shake myself out of it and remind myself that people overcome all kinds of obstacles and do it through pain sometimes.  I don't have to be "Dearie."  I can still move my stuff, it just might take more effort.  So, my pity party about my foot is over.  It is what it is and I will make the best of it.

And my physical therapist V has come up with some new and harder exercises.  I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that.  This is the Tuesday one--Try standing with your back to the wall, bottom touching the wall, feet out in front, go on tiptoes and do squats without moving your back and bottom from the wall--2 sets of ten.  She said that she stayed up nights thinking of that one for me.  I told her to get her sleep.  Then on Thursday I had to stand with one foot in front of another and throw a ball at a trampoline.  I almost took her out because I ducked when the ball came back at us.  So she had me use a bigger ball and I couldn't duck.

3. On the way to work Tuesday my car thermometer registered 1 degree.  I took a picture and I claim that that is the last one degree or below that I intend to see this year!  I am done with winter. On Wednesday it was 6, but by the time I went home it was 32. And on Thursday it was 50.  Yay, spring!

4. My big shipment of books came Wednesday.  Boxes and boxes of new books!  That is the best part of my job.  (I should say the kids, and I really like the kids, but I love new books.)  It was ten boxes!

5. On Wednesday my woman's prayer/book group met in the evening.  We haven't gotten together in a while due to the weather.  Last time I was on my way to my uncle's funeral and the group canceled. This time most of us showed up, but unfortunately our hostess did not have a Blueray player so we couldn't watch "The Bible".  Oh, well, we found plenty of things to talk about.

6. Thursday was a fairly quiet library day.  Then I had Physical Therapy torture.  I am clearly no longer the old lady doing nothing.  Then I had a quiet evening at home.

7.  And today is St. Valentine's Day.  It was always a special day for my mom and dad.  They got engaged on February 14th.  Then my dad passed away 32 years ago on Feb. 15th.  I have always tried to remember Mom on February 14th.  This year I forgot to get a card in the mail, so I ordered flowers for her.

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