Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Five Favorites, Snow Day Edition

Okay, so I have done beauty and sewing.   What's next?  Five favorite things to do on a Snow Day!

I am a school librarian so, not unlike all the children who leave the nest and go to school, I look forward to days when school is called off for snow.  These days we make them up in the summer, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a random day off here or there.

1. A snow day usually means that the streets are too dangerous to go out.  The sidewalks are not hospitable to walking.  Indoor activities are the norm for a snow day. That being said, the primary favorite activity for a snow day is getting the driveway shoveled and maybe making a snowman.  It is fun to do those things when I have a whole day to manage it.

2. Drinking hot cocoa is fun on a snow day.  It is especially fun after the previously mentioned shoveling and snowman making.  Nothing warms me up like hot chocolate on a cold day.  And if there is a dab of whipped cream for the top, all the better.

3. Cleaning something is fun on a snow day.  Not cleaning everything, but picking something that needs sorting through or straightening out is fun on a snow day.  I never run out of things that need that kind of work done.

4. Quilting is a favorite on a snow day.  It has the advantage of sitting with a warm quilt covering my lap.  I always have a baby quilt in the works these days.  I have to laugh because the Lord seems to be sending so many babies to make quilts for.

5. Reading is fun on a snow day.  I always have stacks of books that I need to read and even some that I want to read.  As a librarian I need to read lots of books.  They cut into my personal reading, writing and study time.  Having an extra day, a snow day makes getting some reading done possible.

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Mary N. said...

Enjoy your snow day, Mary - we are having one here as well! Love the quilt, especially the cats!