Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Five Favorites, The Romance Edition

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This week I will try 5 favorite romantic things to do for St. Valentine's Day. ( I laugh because I am an old, fat, unromantic lady, but a girl can dream, right?)

1. I love a backrub.  That is probably my favorite gift for a romantic evening.  My muscles are often tense and I suffer from bad feet and sore shoulders and a backrub is the most soothing thing I can think of for a romantic evening.

2. I like to go out or to plan something simple for dinner.  Cleaning up the kitchen is not romantic, it is a mood killer.  Easy dinner like a takeout pizza or Chinese, or going out to anywhere makes the evening special.

3. Keeping the mood light and pleasant and having time for each other is romantic.  There are plenty of times when discussing problems, concerns and plans is necessary and unavoidable, but on a romantic evening, it is not the right time.  If there is something unpleasant that needs to be addressed, I suggest setting a timer and sticking to that.  There is nothing that kills romance like criticism and complaints.

4. I consider a movie or television an unromantic choice.  We often can't find anything to agree on that we both like.  Watching something doesn't give us time to talk or to be present for each other.  I would prefer a walk through the neighborhood, or given my bad feet and all the snow, perhaps a drive to see the city lights.

5. I hate to admit this, but I do like tangible items.  Something small as a demonstration of love and caring touches my heart.  I probably prefer a small bouquet from the grocery store of daisies or some small colorful flower to a $60 rose arrangement.  A tiny box of chocolates, a card, something sparkly or shiny or fluffy probably would get my attention.  It is more romantic in my book to receive a stuffed cat because I collect them (I really don't, this was an example) than something I needed like new socks.  And I like a card.

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