Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Five Favorites, Lenten Readings

Ash Wednesday is a couple of weeks away, but I thought this might be timely so that if anyone is inspired, they can go out and acquire a few things to help them in Lenten prayer.

1. The Bible is the go to book.  I am surprised at how many Catholics don't own their own Bible to read.  And don't read the Bible!  The Bible is really inexpensive on Kindle and lighter to carry.  I still enjoy the paper book though.  I recommend the Revised New American Bible which is a Catholic Bible and read the footnotes, they add so much to understanding.  I really enjoy having that version and the Jerusalem Bible and the Way so that I can compare readings.  Sometimes reading the same story or verses in different versions gives me a greater understanding of what is being said.  I also underline in my Bible.  A friend suggested putting the date and occasion that called for the underlining.  I really like that because I can remember the whole context of what that verse meant to me.

2. I subscribe to the Word Among Us.  I really like this commentary.  It wakes me up to the scriptures of the Mass.  When I can't make it to Mass it is a homily for me to go with the readings.  There are articles at the beginning and end of the journal.  This magazine does publishing as well.  I haven't bought a bad book from them.

3. Living Faith is a purse sized commentary that also goes with the Mass readings.  I like to catch up with it whenever I find myself waiting somewhere.  The authors speak to me briefly in a place where I am.

4. The Little Black Book is another Lenten booklet.  My church orders it for the parish.  It is a little Catechism with bits of information about saints and traditions.  I look forward to the Little Black Book every year.

5. Living with Christ is another booklet I subscribe to.  It has the Mass readings and prayers.  The reason why I continue to order this little booklet is the questions that it offers for reflection after each day's Mass readings.

I will keep busy enough with these readings during Lent.


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Thanks for the suggestions! I may try Word Among Us this year because of it.