Saturday, February 1, 2014

February, Welcome

February is so welcome by me this year.  It has already been a hard winter all over the country.  My school district has used up its snow days plus one.  I am ready to put January behind me and to think about hearts and flowers and signs of spring and love.

February may not actually be spring, but it brings hope of spring.  Sometimes we get our biggest snows in February and March around here.  But, those snows never last as long as the January ones.  We have Mr. Sun working for us.  The days just keep getting longer and longer making polar vortex weather a memory.

This year February is Lent free.  Not that I don't like myself some good ashes, fish, and fasting, but delaying it is not a bad thing.  Sometimes Lent comes so fast after the New Year and the Christmas celebration that Lent sacrifices get rolled into the New Year's resolutions.  I think this year, having a gap between Christmas and Lent, a space of ordinary time, if you will, will help me to focus on spiritual growth and not just things to "do" during Lent.

February is blessedly short this year. Four quick weeks and done. Some months seem to drag on forever, but February makes up its mind and leaves in 4 short weeks this year.  When February is over and March is here, spring will be right around the corner.

So, I gladly hang the heart decorations and send out a couple of Valentines, mindful of the saint.  Welcome, February.  I have been waiting for you.  Come visit a while.

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