Monday, February 17, 2014

Boxes of Rocks

Last week I got a little note in my work inbox informing me that my book order should be there that day.  I was excited because this was my big order for the year.  It was over $5000 worth of books if they all came.  Getting boxes and boxes of new books is fun.  And a lot of work.
 Sure enough, later that day the books arrived.  10 boxes of books!

They look really nice stacked up like that, don't they?
Typically I "let" my high school student worker unpack the boxes because it is non-specialized manual labor.  But, I got started on the boxes and my student worker didn't show up.  I unpacked them all and stored the boxes in the back room.

Those ten boxes of "rocks" filled up 7 and a half shelves.  I have multiple copies of some books for next year's book competitions.  I will be working with them through next week.  I already have some of my avid readers giving me faces about wanting to read some of those books.  I am a little bit like Gollum--My precious, my precious....until I finish processing them.

And lest you think my library life is all fun and games, this box arrived the same day as all those books.  Yes, I am having another book fair in March.  It is time to start getting ready for it.

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