Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes--The Mad Dash

Jennifer Fulwiler hosts this carnival of the blogs.  I have been a participant for years.  God around and visit the rest.

1. Saturday at Mass I was doubly blessed. It was the feast of the Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple. We began with a Candlemas procession.  This was the first time I had ever seen this.  We were visiting at a neighboring parish, my home parish doesn't do this procession and candle blessing.  We stood at the entrance of the church with the priest and he began Mass there, blessing our lit candles.  We were told to bring the candles home and use them throughout the year.  I have been setting aside some time most days to light the candle and pray.  I am hoping that the candle will be used up before Lent because I have prayed so much. (Or at least before Easter!)
Then we had our throats blessed to recognize the feast of St. Blaise which was Monday.  I reflected that the church is very wise to have these demonstrations of faith.  It teaches the children and reminds the adults. (Note that I picked up the Sistine Chapel puzzle finally.)
2. Sunday I did various things.  On Sunday evening I called my mom.  It has been too cold and snowy for her to get out shopping.  She is doing Meals on Wheels this week, which she hates.  I felt as though I should run up there and take care of her, but I also felt as though I am getting old and running up there takes its toll on me too.  The weather has not been cooperating.  Even if I really needed to get up there, it would be hard this winter. I am praying and pondering this. (My brother still lives in her town and has offered to shop for her, but she has refused.  She would not refuse me.)
3. Monday was a busy day at school, especially because they were predicting snow for Tuesday or Wednesday.  Now the situation that happened in the south with students staying all night at school with their teachers is one of my worst nightmares.  Not that I don't like most of the kids, but I really need a break in the evening.  I got home and anticipated what the morning would bring.
4. Tuesday I had a PT appointment at 4:30 which I changed to 9am because a snow day was called by my school district, but there was very little snow in the morning.  I have this arch thing and these toe lifts and a strange big toe walk to do along with the stretches and tip toe exercises I had to do already.  Pretty soon my whole day will consist of stretching and exercising my feet.
Hubby was let off work early which almost never happens, or at least never did until this winter.  I made Cincinnati chili for dinner.  The snow eventually came down like a house afire and we went out and shoveled it.  It kept snowing all night long and was piled up again in the morning.
5. Wednesday after school my book club was scheduled, but another snow day was called, our ninth, I believe.  I finished one of the March quilts and cut squares for some future quilt.  I am going a little buggy staying home so much.  I cleaned part of the butler's pantry hallway.  Running up and down the stairs taking things down there that had been up here wore me out.  I am not a person who does well entirely on my own.  I need people.
6. Thursday, back to school and busy-ness.  I have to try to meet everyone's needs in this one day because I had already arranged to take off for the physical therapy and doctor tomorrow. I got some books processed off my to do cart.  I had the book club after school. It was really cold outside.  The prediction was only to reach 7 on Thursday, but as I was driving home the thermometer in the car read 14.  Within the next ten days the highest forecast temperature is 36, but I say, if we get up to 36 it will reach 42, the weather can't stay cold forever. 
7.  It is too early in the winter to reasonably expect no more snow days.  I will say that this winter has wrecked the enjoyment of snow days for me.  It seems as though whether there is snow or rumors of snow, we take off.  Still, I am learning that this too is something that God is in charge of, at least the snow part of it.  And even the calling off school part, no one consults me.  So, it is best to find enjoyment and peace and not to sweat the load.  I am trying to learn to accept the state I am in.  I suppose that is my life's journey.

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