Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes, Almost Lent Edition

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1. Seven posts in 7 days is my usual.  I post every day.  Most of my posts are done in advance, posted on the scheduler, and poorly edited.  I thought that writing every day would improve my writing, but I conclude that it hasn't.  Quantity over quality seems to be my strength.  I like my blog best when I include photos that I take myself.  I like the different sorts of things I write about.  I am not a one note blogger.  I am 60, and have no little children in my life at the moment, but I work in a large public middle school, so there are lots of kids in my life.  I am Catholic, but I have a Methodist mother who is 92.  I am not a convert.  I have a husband and one son who largely stay off the blog. I may mention them, but I don't talk about them. I like hawks and have a little old fat cat.  I suffer from too many pounds, poorly cut hair and bad feet.  But, I was gifted at a young age with the friendship of the Holy Spirit.  My mission is to use my gifts to bring God's kingdom to the world.

2. Last weekend I went up to Quincy to spend a little time with the aforementioned Mom and take her to the doctor.  She lives 2 plus hours up the river in Quincy. On the way up I saw a bald eagle sitting in a tree by the road.  They are such big, showy birds. Seeing birds of prey makes me happy.

Mom got a good report from the doctor and took me out to Maid Rite for lunch.  Then I headed back home for a physical therapy appointment. I stopped briefly in the parking lot of Villa Katherine which overlooks the Mississippi River.  The river was still partly frozen.

3. My car developed problems after the physical therapy appointment.  I had to take it in on Tuesday. Tuesday was going to be the only day that I had "free" this week with nothing after school.  Fortunately the problem was a disconnected air intake hose and took less that 10 minutes to fix.  And they fixed it for free.  Winner winner!

4. This is one of those weeks--hurry hurry hurry.  I had things each night and almost every day besides work. Book club, 2 PT appointments, women's prayer group, area wide prayer group, 12 step program, car appointment, I will rejoice in the weekend.  I only have to watch my weight and go to church!

I hope things settle down for Lent so that I have time to fit in some Masses and Stations of the Cross.  Right this minute, I can't imagine one more thing on my schedule.

5. One of the best things I have heard recently is this--"Mean what you say, Say what you mean, but don't say it mean!"  I think about what a difference it makes in how something is said.  As a sixty year old, I chafe a being lectured to or yelled at as though I was a third grader who stole a piece of cake when I make a mistake or do something that another person doesn't agree with. I have come to the conclusion that NOBODY has a right to treat me that way.

I have also concluded that my mission is to work on telling them that without saying it mean.

6. I have decided that perhaps it is time to make this cold weather go away.  I have started to crochet a scarf in multi-colored yarn.  I have never crocheted with anything but plain colored yarn.  I had planned to wait until next winter to make it because it was so late in the year.  But, I decided Tuesday night that I will start it, then it will surely get too warm to wear it.

And just to remind myself of the usual weather we have around here this time of year, the lawn company had scheduled pre-emergent weed treatment and fertilizer for Feb. 26.  That morning it was 10 degrees. And last year the daffodils were almost blooming and this year I can barely find where they are coming up. It will be a late spring.

7. Thursday after school I had physical therapy.  The lovely V is getting harder to please.  I think she will have me doing real exercises before long.  After that I had the Area Wide Prayer Meeting.  I haven't been there in a few months.  It was a wonderful meeting.

( On Tuesday I am going to celebrate Mardi Gras by showing my of my painted toes.  Plan to join me and leave a comment with a link to a post with your own painted Mardi Gras toes. That is as wild as I get for Mardi Gras.)

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