Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Uncle P

My mom's youngest sibling and only brother passed away this past weekend. Uncle P was 80.  His funeral is tomorrow.  When I was telling my son about my uncle's passing, he didn't remember ever meeting Uncle P.  I find that sad.  It is a statement on families and the life we led all over the place and how hard it is to re-establish connections once they are lost.

I haven't seen Uncle P's kids, my cousins in years and years.  I do a little social networking with the girl of the family.  I was enough older than her that she seemed like a baby to me.  She was one of the first babies I remember holding.

But, even though time and space has passed and connections have been let go, blood is thicker than water.  I look forward to seeing her again at her dad's funeral.  And Aunt C is still living.  Uncle P has had Alzheimers for a number of years, but Aunt C has continued to love and care for him as you might expect from a 50 year marriage.  I remember being there at that wedding.

The thing I wanted to say about Uncle P is that although he ran a high fever as a baby and had polio at some point in his early years and although he had difficulty reading, he lived a good honest life.  He raised his kids to the best of his ability and was proud of his grandchildren.  I doubt if in his whole life that he was called forth to receive any honors or awards.  He worked hard all his life.  But, when I see all the people who loved him dearly and the good life that he made and the Christian example he left for them, I have to say that my Uncle P was a great man.

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