Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sparkly Green Mystery

Christmas 2012 I wore my sparkly green earrings up to my mom's place in Quincy.  I know I did, I remember putting them on.  I rode in hubby's van up to Quincy.  I spent the day with family there.  I rode home.  And in the evening I had only one earring in my ear. I didn't check them during the day, they were both there in the morning and not there at night.

Unlike the time I lost my very favorite earring while mowing, I did not have a strong feeling that the earring would turn up.  I searched my hubby's van and looked around my mom's place the next time I went up there.  No luck.  I thought it was possible that the earring would turn up in a scarf or somewhere, so I kept the remaining earring.  The same lady who had made the pearly ones that were my favorites had made these too. I hoped to see her again and perhaps get another pair.

Fast forward to January 2014.  I was using 4 cookbooks to lift my foot while doing my home physical therapy.  I had used those same cookbooks for several days when Sunday I noticed a lump in one of them.  I opened it and there was my sparkly green earring.  The lost coin so to speak.  How did it get there?  I have no idea.  No idea.  I didn't take any cookbooks up to my mom's that Christmas.  I probably was in the dining room where the cookbook resides sometime that morning. Time has passed and maybe I did something that I have now forgotten that put that earring inside that cookbook.  I must have.

Rejoice, my earring that was lost is now found!  (And I have to admit, that although I am moderately happy that the earring was found, I hope there is more joy in heaven than I have over the earring when I am found in my heavenly home.)
One of the things I missed about the earring was that Melanie Shankle wrote Sparkly Green Earrings about raising her daughter. As I read the book, I felt that I should have my own sparkly green earrings.  And now I do, just in time for the Antelope in the Living Room. (I am sure that I won't want an antelope anywhere.)


Mary N. said...

That's funny that it would turn up in a cookbook of all places!

Mary said...

As nearly as I figure it, I must have been putting something on top of the shelf where the cookbooks were and it fell out of my ear and onto the cookbooks. Over the more than a year it worked its way in. Either that or somebody was playing a bad joke on me.