Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In This World There Will Be Troubles

I do a prayer ministry.  Usually I pray with people at conferences like the Catholic Women for Christ Conference this past weekend.  Of course the things I hear in prayer ministry are confidential, but what strikes me is how universal and common are the problems that women come to me for prayer.

There are lots of twenty and thirty somethings who aren't going to church and worrying their mothers because of their lifestyles.  Marriages need a lot of prayers.  Aching shoulders and feet and various tendons and muscles require prayer. Once in a while I pray for a bad back or cancer.  Relationships with friends and family require prayer as do friends and family members with addictions.  Women who feel stressed and overworked and worried come in for prayer.  And that is about it.  Common problems, they come with common problems.

I am privileged to pray for and with these women.  I feel Jesus' healing presence and many of the women say they feel healed.  I know whenever I am prayed for, I feel relief.  I believe in healing prayer and I am glad that I have had training to confidently offer this prayer.

However, due to the common nature of the problems and the numerous women who come for prayer, I have reflected that I wish, hope, pray for the idea that women could perhaps find some friends and prayer for each other.  The problems are common and numerous.  Lay hands on each other (or hold hands), praise and thank Jesus, ask for the need and thank Jesus for hearing and answering our needs.  There are some fancy additions that we do in prayer ministry (not really), but those basics are enough, more readily available than waiting for a conference or Magnificat breakfast.  Ladies, there will be troubles (in every life), let us pray for each other. 

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